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What is Kybella®

Kybella® is a non-surgical injectable treatment designed to eliminate stubborn submental fullness (double chin).  Submental fullness results from a deposition of fat under the chin.  It is a common problem in both men and women, often causing people to appear older with a less prominent jaw line.  Sometimes submental fat occurs with aging, and/or weight gain but may also be genetic.  Kybella® consists of deoxycholic acid, which is placed precisely under the skin to permanently dissolve this pocket of fat.   This reduces the appearance of the double chin and gives a more defined and youthful jaw line.

What Can I Expect From Kybella® Treatments?

Kybella® is administered by a dermatologist through a series of small injections under the chin.  This procedure takes a few minutes and is performed in the office with only mild to moderate discomfort.  Some people see results after 2 rounds of treatment (typically done 1 month apart).  However, results may vary and may require up to 6 treatments depending on the amount of submental fat present.

Temporary side effects from Kybella® injections are typically mild and include swelling, redness, tenderness and numbness.  These often resolve in a few days to weeks.  Cold compresses and ibuprofen may be used to alleviate symptoms.  Rare side effects may be hair loss (in the injected area), skin sores (from tissue necrosis), infection, difficulty swallowing or nerve damage which may lead to facial weakness and an uneven smile.  If these occur, please contact your physician.

Kybella® injections should be avoided if there is a known allergy to its components, skin infection in the area to be injected, or problems swallowing.  Please tell your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding as its effects are unknown in these situations.

Other cosmetic procedures may be combined with Kybella® injections to maximize your results.  Please consult with a dermatologist for further information and pricing.

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Why Iowa Dermatology Consultants?

Iowa Dermatology Consultants believes undergoing a cosmetic procedure is not just about your appearance and convenience. It is about your health and safety.  A board-certified dermatologist has the medical training and experience required to keep skin healthy and youthful-looking. They work with patients forming an active partnership in treatment to help you look and feel your best.

At Iowa Dermatology Consultants, all of our physicians are board-certified dermatologists. This means that Dr. Snider, Dr. Smith,  and Dr. Myers have the education, expertise and experience to safely and effectively reduce the signs of aging. Together they have almost 50 years of combined experience in medical and cosmetic dermatology practice.  This includes over 16,000 hours of patient care training to ensure that a board certified dermatologist can expertly diagnosis and treat over 3000 dermatologic conditions.

Because your results depend largely on the skill and experience of the person performing the procedure, it is important to select a board-certified dermatologist like those at Iowa Dermatology Consultants.