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Board Certified Care

What is a Board Certified Dermatologist?

Board certified dermatologists are the only physicians with advanced medical training to diagnose and treat skin, hair and nail conditions.

Becoming a board certified dermatologist requires years of intense specialty training including 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, a 1 year general medicine internship or transitional year and 3 years of dermatology residency.  After meeting the above requirements a candidate is then eligible to take their certifying board examination issued by the American Academy of Dermatology.

Why is Board Certification Important?

Patient safety is a dermatologist’s number 1 priority.  While many health care providers offer dermatologic care and cosmetic procedures, they do not specialize in treating conditions of the skin, hair and nails like a board certified dermatologist.

Dermatologists have the education, expertise and experience to treat the emotional and physical damage of skin disease.

Cosmetic treatments may look easy to perform, but having one done safely requires in-depth medical knowledge of the skin and what lies beneath. Board-certified dermatologists have this medical knowledge, which means a lower risk of complications.  The American Academy of Dermatology recommends that patients should ask the following questions in considering a dermatology provider:

Q: What are the doctor’s credentials and is he or she board-certified?

A: Remember, dermatologists are physicians with extensive education, training and experience in keeping the skin, hair and nails healthy.

Q: How many of these particular cosmetic surgery procedures has the physician performed?

A: The procedure should be one that the doctor performs regularly.

Q: What result can I expect and are there any risks?

A: Because your results depend largely on the skill and experience of the person performing the procedure, it is important to select a board-certified physician. A dermatologist can discuss the risks and tell you if the procedure will deliver the desired results, based on the condition of your skin as well as your age and health.

Remember, undergoing a cosmetic procedure is not just about your appearance and convenience. It is about your health and safety first. A dermatologist has the medical training and experience required to keep skin healthy and youthful-looking.

Does Board Certification Matter?

The bottom line is that board certification does matter. It matters a lot. It speaks to a level of competence only a select few possess in this country.  

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Why Iowa Dermatology Consultants?

Iowa Dermatology Consultants believes in a patient focused approach to care.  We work with patients forming an active partnership in treatment to help repair the physical and emotional damage of skin disease.  Our Ankeny and Ames locations allow us to conveniently treat patients across the Des Moines metro area and all of Central Iowa including Ames, Carroll, Fort Dodge, Iowa Falls, Marshalltown, Huxley, Slater, and Indianola.  

At Iowa Dermatology Consultants, all of our physicians are board-certified dermatologists. Your care provided by Dr. Snider, Dr. Smith, or Dr. Myers is founded in knowledge and experience which exceeds that of a general practitioner.  Together they have almost 50 years of combined experience in diagnosing and treating a vast array of skin conditions.  This includes over 16,000 hours of patient care training to ensure that a board-certified dermatologist can expertly diagnosis and treat over 3000 dermatologic conditions.

Whether you’re coming to us for help with skin cancer or diseases like acne, psoriasis, and eczema; or to reverse the signs of aging with Botox, chemical peels or other cosmetic procedures, at Iowa Dermatology Consultants you will be getting the best dermatologic care in Central Iowa.